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Catalog Number 86.106.427
Object Name Release, News
Scope & Content Printed on the cover: Joint Office of Test Information,1955. Shot-Related Releases and Speeches by Test Organization.

Contents: 103. James E. Reeves statement on conclusion of series. 5/16/55. 101 add 1. Report on cloud and fallout from this morning's shot. 5/15/55. 101. Nuclear device designed by LANL fired from a Yucca 500-ft. tower at 5 a.m., 14th and concluding shot in the series. 5/15/55. PQ. UP Bureau, Los Angeles London Bureau asking status of dogs positioned in Survival Town during open shot. 5/14/55. PQ. List of Ready and Firing dates for shots in current series. 5/13/55. NN: Replies to questions asked of Dr. Graves by Conil McKinlay of LAS VEGAS Sun. 5/12/55. 99: Final detonation in series will be attempted tomorrow (Wednesday) morning--designated by LASL, to be fired at 5:05 a.m., on 500-ft. tower in Yucca Flat. 5/10/55. NN. Joint AEC-DOD statement on single explosion in Submarine defense test of nuclear device scheduled for mid-May in Pacific area. 5/9/55. NN. Open Shot Briefing materials as follows: Remarks by: Dr. Alvin C. Graves, Dr. Gordon M. Dunning. Statements on Fallout before JCAE 4/15/55: Lewis L. Strauss, Dr. John C. Bugher, Dr. E.L. Green, Merril Eisenbud. Remarks by: R.L. Corsbie, Dr. John Von Newmann. Background Materials and releases as follows: JOTI-55-64; Schedule of Nuclear Detonations at NTS to date; Map to NTS Area; US AEC, SFO; Release on Test Organization staff; A description of Camp Mercury and NTS; Technical Facilities, Equipment, and Operations at NTS; JOTI-55-95 (Radiological Safety Training); The Electronic Brain, the "Raypac" (ray path alalog computer; Dr. Graves Receives Civil Defense Award; Report on meteorological conditions for shot tomorrow (date ???); Detailed weather bulletins 4/27/55 and 5/1/55; Confirmation of shot, designed by LASL, fired 5:10 a.m., 500-ft. tower; Adds 1 and 2, reports on fallout. 4/23/55. 97 Add 2. Report on probable travel of cloud, 4/15/55. 97 Add 1. Report on fallout from this morning's shot. 4/15/55. 97. Nuclear device designed by LASL was detonated on 400-ft. tower in Frenchman Flat at 11:15 a.m., LASL design. 4/15/55. 96. Confirmation that open shot will be fired from 500-ft. tower. 4/14/55. 93. Officials of Joint Test Organization and Nevada Fish and Game Commission met at Mercury 4/6/55 to discuss off-site effects of test operations on wildlife and to plan joint survey effects. 9/9/55. 92 Add 2. Report on atomic cloud, and on fallout. 4/5/55. 92 Add 1. Report on CAA flight closures. 4/9/55. 91. Nuclear device designed by Livermore Lab was fired from 300-ft. tower in Yucca Flat at 4:30 this morning. 4/7/55. 90. 400-ft. tower test which may be detonated in Frenchman Flat at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) will be designed by LASL. 4/7/55. 89. Seven parachutes used in Wed. morning's test at NTS are still missing. Mistakenly reported yesterday that canisters containing equipment were attached to the chutes. 4/7/55. 88 Add 2. Canisters containing simple telemetering equipment used in this experiment have not been recovered. 4/6/55. 88 Add 1. At 2 p.m., four hours after the test, there were still no reports of fallout in any area over which the cloud traveled. 4/6/55. 88. Nuclear device at altitude above 30,000 ft. over Yucca Flat planned for 9 a.m. tomorrow (Sunday), LASL design to be dropped by AF plane. 4/2/55. 83 Add 1 (Revised). Revised report of maximum fallout recorded by Test Organization monitors up to 5:30 p.m. PST. 3/29/55. 83 Add 1. Summary of fallout situation at 1:00 p.m. today, as a result of this morning's detonation. 3/29/55. 83. Nuclear device dropped by B-36 was detonated at a low altitude above Yucca Flat at 10 a.m., designed by LASL. 3/29/55. NN. Note to Correspondents: UP described fireball of this morning's detonation as two miles in diameter--will modify its report to read approximately 1000 ft. 3/29/55. 81. Nuclear device designed by LASL detonated on a 500-ft. tower in Yucca at 4:55 a.m. 3/29/55. 80. Two nuclear tests are being made ready for possible firing tomorrow (Tuesday) either the 500-ft. tower or the air drop. 3/28/55. 77. Plans to proceed with eighth shot in current series at 5 a.m. tomorrow, 3/27/55; of non-sensitive nature, designed by LASL, and to be airdropped from Air Force bomber above 15,000 ft., over Yucca. 3/26/55. 76. Certain tests during the current series at NTS are of a nuclear device designed to augment our air defense system. 3/26/55. 74. Non-nuclear, HE device was detonated at 9:00 a.m. this morning above 30,000 ft. over Yucca Flat, dropped by B-36, designed by LASL. 3/25/55. 72. Two tests may be fired at NTS tomorrow (Friday) if weather permits; one 500-ft. tower in Yucca, second high altitude non-nuclear. 3/24/55. NN. Note to correspondents: Smitty misses first shot of this nation's tests. 3/23/55. 71 Add 1. Three and half hours after today's detonation, report on cloud, fallout, CAA flight restrictions lifted, blast wave, etc. 3/23/55. 71. Nuclear device detonated beneath surface of Yucca Flat at 12:30 p.m. today, designed by LASL, assembled and emplaced by Corps of Engineers assisted by Army Ordnance units under supervision of Test Organization technical people. 3/23/55. 70. Report on radiation fallout over Las Vegas area after 3/22/55 detonation. 3/23/55. 69. Nuclear test scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning; LASL design, positioned beneath surface of Yucca Flat. 3/22/55. NN. Note to Correspondents: Sub-surface shot scheduled for Yucca Flat will not be fired before 9:00 a.m. 3/22/55. 67 Add 3. Additional report on fallout from this morning's shot. 3/22/55. 67 Add 2. Report on fallout from this morning's shot. 3/22/55. 67 Add 1. Report on cloud, blast waves; controls set up by CAA. 3/22/55. 67. Nuclear device detonated on 500-ft. tower in Yucca Flat at 5:05 a.m. 3/22/55. 66. Announcement of open shot date as April 26. 3/22/55. 65. Nuclear device designed by LASL is now scheduled to be fired from a 500-ft. tower in Yucca Flat at 5:05 a.m. Tuesday morning subject to usual weather evaluation this (Monday) evening. 3/21/55. 64. On-site radiological safety operation directed by Lt. Col. Tom D. Collison. 3/19/55. 59. Study of accumulation of certain radioactive materials by wild animals and vegetation as a result of fallout off-site. 3/14/55. 58. Nuclear device designed by LASL to be scheduled to be fired from 500-ft. tower in Yucca at 5:15 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) morning subject to weather evaluation this evening. 3/14/55. 56. U.S. Army's Chemical Corps for the first time, threw an oil fog smoke screen into path of atomic explosion to minimize the resulting radiation. 3/12/55. 55 Add 2. 10-hour report on effects of this morning's shot. 3/12/55. 55 Add 1. Report on path of cloud, fallout, radiation, and controls established by CAA. 3/12/55. 55. Confirmation of shot: 300-ft. tower, Yucca Lake at 5:20 this a.m. 53. Nuclear device designed by LASL scheduled to be fired from 300-ft. tower, Yucca Lake at 5:25 a.m. tomorrow (Friday). 3/10/55. 52. Precautions against the flash of light from a test; no roadblocks but motorists should stop beside the road at time of test. 46 Add 3. 12:30 p.m. report on fallout. 3/7/55. 46 Add 2. Civil Aeronautics Administration reports on flash. 3/7/55. 46 Add 1. Report on cloud and fallout; movement of cloud; reports as to where shot was heard. 46. Nuclear device detonated on 500-ft. tower in Yucca Flat at 5:20 this morning; joint Los Alamos and Livermore design. 3/7/55. 45. Test Organization proceeding with preparations to fire the originally scheduled to be first test of the series tomorrow (Monday) morning. 3/6/55. NN. Note to Correspondents: Second consecutive daily blood test on Eugene D. Haynes shows blood to be entirely normal. 3/6/55. NN. Note to Correspondents: First blood count of Eugene D. Haynes shows blood to be entirely normal. 3/5/55. 44. Eugene D. Haynes, Cotati, Calif., security guard, exposed to 39 roentgens radiation following March 1 detonation. 3/4/55. NN. Note to Correspondents: Shot remains as scheduled--planned for 5:30 a.m., Yucca Flat, atop a 500-ft. tower. 3/1/55. 39 Add 2. Report on fallout. 3/1/55. 39 Add 1. Report on cloud and fallout. 3/1/55. 39. Nuclear device detonated on 300-ft. tower in Yucca at 5:30 a.m., Livermore design. 38. Plans for alternate shot proceeding for firing on Tuesday morning 5:30 a.m., 300-ft. tower in Yucca, Livermore design, 40 aircraft. 2/28/55. NN. "Biological Implications of Atomic Test Fallout" by Dr. Leo Bustad, Biology Section, Nucleonics Div., Hanford Works, GE Co., Richland, WA. 2/26/55. 36. Weather may be acceptable Saturday at 5:35 a.m. for firing originally scheduled first shot in series; details on experiment. 2/25/55. 35. Plans made to conduct technical experiments on the effect of smoke on attenuation of thermal radiation emitted by atomic detonations. 2/23/55. NN. Statement by Senator Russell Long of Louisiana, as senior representative of group of 17 Congressmen who observed today's detonation. 2/22/55. 33 Add 2. Report on fallout from this morning's shot. 2/22/55. 33 Add 1. At weather briefing first scheduled shot again postponed, but alternate shot will be fired Tuesday a.m. if weather permits. 2/21/55. 26 Add 1. Report on blast and sound of this morning's shot. 2/18/55. 26. Nuclear device dropped from B-36 was detonated above Yucca Flat at 12 noon today. 2/18/55. 22. Wind not acceptable for first scheduled shot of series; explanation of dual capability. 2/17/55. Memo. From Elliott "Public Information on Nevada Test Fallout". 2/16/55. 12. Statement by Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman of Commission, and report by the US AEC on Fallout and High Nuclear Explosions. 2/15/55. NN. Monday's Pre-Shot Press Briefing Materials consisting of: Remarks by Richard G. Elliott; Background material consisting of: Nevada Test Site and Supporting Installations. Biographies: James E. Reeves; Dr. Alvin C. Graves; Dr. John C. Clark. Map of NTS area. Transcript of question and answer as to whether first shot will be Los Alamos or Livermore device. 2/14/55. 11. Warning that possible blast effects may be felt during any test; list of precautions. NN. Sunday's Pre-Series Press briefing materials consisting of: Introductory remarks by Richard G. Elliott. Agenda. Note to Correspondents on purpose of briefing. Statements by: Lewis L. Strauss; James E. Reeves; Dr. Alvin C. Graves. Transcripts of remarks by Dr. John C. Bugher; Col. H.E. Parsons; Brig. Gen. Fred W. Sladen, Jr.; Robert L. Corsbie. Background material consisting of: JOTI-55-3; JOTI-55-4; JOTI-55-8; US AEC, SFO. 2/13/55. 9 Public access to Angel's Peak area not permitted during initial phase of forthcoming series. 2/12/55. NN. Note to News Representatives on pre-series briefing. 2/9/55. 8. Open shot confirmed. 2/9/55. Memo. Information Plan for Air Control Operations. 2/7/55. 7. Invitation to physicians of Southwestern Utah and Southern Nevada to conference in St. George, Utah, 2/12/55, for briefings and discussions on public health and safety. 2/7/55. 6. Test Organization leaving Las Vegas Monday for 3-day visit to communities, east, north, and west of NTS to discuss test operations. 2/5/55. 5. Keith Woodruff announces names and locations of off-site radiation monitoring representatives. 2/3/55. 4. DOD announces military participation in test series. 2/1/55. 3. Test Organization. 2/1/55. 2. Announcement of opening of JOTI in Las Vegas, Nevada, and naming key staff members. 2/1/55. 1. Notice to ranchers, prospectors, miners, etc., of test series beginning in mid-February. 1/27/55.
People mentioned: Dr. Alvin C. Graves; Dr. Gordon M. Dunning; Lewis L. Strauss, Dr. John C. Bugher, Dr. E.L. Green; Merrill Eisenbud; R.L. Corsbie; Dr. John Von Neumann; Colin McKinlay; Lt. Col. Tom D. Collison; Eugene D. Haynes; Dr. John C. Clark; Sen. Russell Long; Dr. Leo Bustad; James E. Reeves; Col. Hershell E. Parsons; Brig. Gen. Fred W. Sladen, Jr.; Robert L. Corsbie; Rear Adm. C.B. Momsen; Harold L. Goodwin; Dr. Everett F. Cox; Charles T. Rainey; Maj. Gen. Leland S. Stranatham; Dr. Gaelen L. Felt; Dr. William E. Ogle; Duane C. Sewell; Vern Denton; Dr. E.B. Doll; Seth R. Woodruff, Jr.; Joe B. Sanders; Dr. Oliver Placak; Lt. Col. D.I. Pricket; Maj. Robert E. McKown; Col. Harry L. Donicht; Lt. Col. Jack James; Donald J. Leehey; Norris E. Bradbury; James W. McRae; Maj. Charles L. Weaver; Jack Clark; Dr. E.L. Green; Dr. John C. Bugher; Cdr. Albert J. Carpenter; Dr. Ralph Carlisle Smith; Dr. Leslie Redman; Maj. Weaver; Dr. Ross Sutherland; Harold S. Van Buren; Dr. Herbert York, Director, Livermore Laboratory; Dr. Leo Bustad, Biology Section, Nucleonics Division, Hanford Works; Senator Russell Long, Louisiana; Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission; General John A. Dahlquist, Commanding General, U.S. Army Continental Command; Dr. Gordon Dunning; Wade H. Patterson, UCRL, Berkeley; Myron D. Thaxter, UCRL, Berkeley; D. Davis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; H.H. Abee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Birchard M. Brundage, University of California, Los Angeles; Thomas G. Hennessy, University of California, Los Angeles; Merril Eisenbud, NYOO; John Harley, NYOO; Milton R. Cydell, Hanford WA; Kenneth L. Englund, Hanford WA; Frank Waters, LASL; Dr, G. Victor Beard, Idaho Falls OO; Mr. Percy Griffiths, Idaho Falls OO; Mr. Mack Wilhelmsen, Idaho Falls OO; C. N. Stover, University of Utah; Marvin A. Van Dilla, University of Utah; J.E. Rose, Argonne National Laboratory; L.D. Marinelli, General Electric, Cincinnati; R. F. Hoffer, General Electric, Cincinnati; William H. Kingsley, Sandia Corporation; Richard G. Elliott, Director, Joint Office of Test Information; Howard Baldwin, COO; Milton Cydell, HOO; Arthur Lee, Idaho Falls OO; Frank Waters, LASL; Grace Wells, NYOO; Ed Stokely, OROO; Douglas Frame, SAN OO; Robert G. LeCompte, NTS; J.A. Martin, ANP Dept., General Electric; C. N. Stover, University of Utah; B. M Brundage, University of California; Gordon M. Dunning; Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman, AEC; Dr. John C. Bugher; Brigadier General Sladen; Robert L. Corsbie, Director, Civil Effects; Lt. Col. W. R. Hunter, USA, Deputy Director; Colonel Paul Fackler, Air Operation Officer; Major Jack Devries; Capt. Ray Illich, Air Defense Command; Martin Oberg, Western Electric Field Representative to the Air Force Special Weapons Center; Dr. John C. Bowers, Dean, School of Medicine, University of Utah; Dr. Thomas White, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory; Oliver Placak, U.S. Public Health Service; Seth Woodruff Jr. Support Director, Joint Test Organization; Joe Sanders, Deputy Support Director, Joint Test Organization; Henry J. L. Rechen; Vernon L. Rucker; Carroll F. Harris; Joe E. Ledbetter; Richard H. Fetz; John C. Habel; Clyde M. Berry, Herb Bevis; Oliver W. Kaufmann; Ralph N. Stone; Carroll E. Despain; Frank A. Butrico; Charles E. Cotton; Samuel C. Ingraham; Harrison E. Bullock; Joseph S. Ameen; Francis H. Woo; Charles M. Davidson; William N. Long; Frank Wraight; Edwin L. Ruppert; William F. Bower; Lloyd F. Pummill; Major General Alvin R. Luedecke; Major General Leland S. Stranathan; Dr. William E. Ogle, LASL; Duane C. Sewell; Vern Denton; Dr. E.D. Doll; R. L. Corsbie; Seth R. Woodruff, Jr.; Lt. Col. D. I. Prickett; Major Robert E. McKown; Lt. Col. T.D. Collison; Lt. Col. Jack James; Lt. Col. E.M. Tolliver; Harold L. Goodwin; H. B. Fry; R.S. Millican; Col. Harry L. Donicht; James E. Reeves; Dr. John C. Clark

Those In Attendance at 02/14/1955 - a listing of 37 members of the press and their affiliations.
Descriptions of General Areas at the Test Site: Camp Mercury; The Control Point; Frenchman Flat; and Yucca Basin.
James E. Reeves, Director of the Test Division, AEC, Santa Fe Operations Office in Albuquerque - biographical data. Dr. Alvin C. Graves, Leader of the Test Division, AEC Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory - biographical data. Dr. John C. Clark, Associate Leader of the Test Division, AEC Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory - biographical data.
Hand-Drawn map of the Nevada Test Site and surrounding landmarks.
9 x 11.5"
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Title Joint Office of Test Information, shot-related releases and speeches by test organization
Collection Elliott
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