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Catalog Number 86.106.419
Object Name Release, News
Scope & Content Front Printed on the cover: Office of Test Information Press Releases 1958 Series. "R G Elliott" in ink on lower right of label

Contents: Contains news releases and press briefings (September and October, 1958) on the full scale detonations and safety experiments.
Table of Contents Pages give a one line summary of the document - This Index is a 10-page (reverse order in the folder) chronology. Following this is one page headed - Full Scale Detonations Fall 1958 Operations. Code Names: Eddy, Mora, Tamalpais, Quay, Lea, Hamilton, Logan, Dona Ana, Rio Arriba, Socorro, Wrangell, Rushmore, Sanford, DeBaca, Evans, Mazama, Humboldt, Santa Fe, Blanca. On the reverse side of this page is headed Safety Experiments Fall 1958 Operations. Code Names: Otero, Bernalillo, Luna, Mercury, Valencia, Mars, Hidalgo, Colfax, Neptune, Vesta, San Juan, Oberon, Catron, Juno, Ceres, Chavez, Ganymede, Titania.
People Mentioned:
Media Representatives - Bob Faiss, Las Vegas Sun; Marvin Shouff, Las Vegas Sun; Ronald Milligan, Las Vegas Sun; Damita Milligan, Las Vegas Sun; Joe McClain, Oroville Mercury; Liz McClain, Las Vegas Sun; Al Freeman, Las Vegas Review Journal
Marjorie Allen, Accreditation Officer, OTI,
James E. Reeves, Manager, Nevada Test Site Organization; Richard G. Elliott, U.S.A.E.C.; Dennis Schieck, Las Vegas Review-Journal; George Dennis, Assistant Director, Office of Test Information, Mercury; John S. Clark, Executive Vice President of the Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co.; L. J. Reynolds, Jr.; Carroll L. Tyler, Project Manager; Duane Sewell, UCRL-Livermore, Scientific Advisor to the Test Manager; Russell Benedict, Grants Beacon; Joe Digle, Las Vegas Review-Journal; Colin McKinlay, Las Vegas Review-Journal, UPI; Ann Miller, Arizona Citizen; Jay Miller, NBC; Mrs. Charles Gregory, El Paso Times; Steve Lovell, AP, Jim Seaver, Albuquerque Journal; Legene Barnes, NBC-TV; Jim Boisvert, AP; Ed Conklin, NBC-TV; Jim Dietch, Las Vegas News Bureau; Gladwin Hill, New York Times; Ann Miller, Arizona Daily Star; Jay Miller, NBC Monitor; Roy Neal, NBC-TV; Jack Pepper, Las Vegas News Bureau; Betty Pritchard, AP; Dick Smith, NBC-TV.
Dr. Gerald Woodrow Johnson, Physicist; John H. Thompson, NBC; Mary Thompson, NBC-Monitor; Frank Mitrani, Las Vegas Review-Journal; Bob Austin, Mutual Broadcasting, KORK; Allen Jarleson, KRAM; Thomas E. Murray, AEC; Kenneth Downs, Assistant Director of the Office of Civil Defense; Colonel William S. Hutchinson, Jr., U.S.A., Deputy Test Manager for Military Matters; Floyd Wilcox, Frank Hynes, and Edgar Young - Employees of Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (injured at the test site); Leo King, San Francisco Call Bulletin; Ed Phillips, Los Angeles Herald Express; Henry C. Ramsey, State; Loftus Becker, State; Jack Irwin, Defense; Rear Admiral C. O. Triebel, JCS; Thomas Parrott, CIA; Robert Finley, OCDM; Lisle Widman, Treasury; Matthew Marks, Treasury; James Smith, ICA; George V. Allen, USIA; Carl G. Harr, Jr., OCB;
Joseph I. Coffey, OCB; Gordon Gray, NSC; J. Patrick Coyne, NSC; General Andrew Goodpaster, White House; Bradley H. Patterson, Jr., White House; Captain Morse (Liaison Officer), USN; Wm. Hayden, DOD; Gen. Starbird, DMA; Major G. R. Farmer, Army Veterinary Corps; Dr. Howard Andrews, U.S. Public Health Service.
Visiting Ranchers:
Alamo Area: Newton M. Butler; Mrs. Del Frenzi; Mrs. Louise Whipple; and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stewart. Ely Area: Myron Adams; Ervin Hendrix. Lincoln Mine Area: Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sharpe; Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Sharpe; Mr. & Mrs. Willis Walch. Tonopah Area: Roger S. Taynton.
News Media On Jackass Flats Tour: Norman Alley, Telenews; Peggy Corbett, Santa Fe New Mexican; Russell Hawkes, Aviation Week; Gladwin Hill, New York Times.

Dr. T.C. Merkle, Leader of the R Division of the Livermore Laboratory; Deputy Test Manager, William W. Allaire; Scientific Advisor, Duane C. Sewell; Deputy Test Manager for Military Affairs, Col. William S. Hutchinson, Jr.; Richard G. Elliott, Director, Office of Test Information. Dr. Gordon Dunning, DBM; Robert L. Corsbie, Director of Civil Effects. Test Operations; Edward A. Saunders, Director of OCDM Test Group; Philip W. Allen, USWB; Ken Nagler, fallout of USWB; Jack Reed, Sandia Blase Prediction, Oliver R. Placak, Offside Rad-Safe Officer, US PHS.

Alternate Test Site Directors: D. William Ogle and R.H. Campbell. Civil Effects Test Group headed by Mr. Corsbie of the AEC. Deputy Test Director: Dr. Gerald W. Johnson of the University of California Radiation Laboratory at Livermore. Deputy for Military Matters, Colonel W. S. Hutchinson of Field Command, AFSWP, Albuquerque. Kermit Larsen of the Atomic Energy Project of the University of California at Los Angeles.

Two Page "Who's Who": James E. Reeves, Test Manager; Duane C. Sewell, Scientific Advisor To The Test Manager; Col. William S. Hutchinson, Jr., Deputy Test Manager For Military Affairs; William W. Allaire, Support Director, AEC, Albuquerque; Dr. Gordon S. Dunning, Division of Biology and Medicine, AEC, Washington; Robert L. Corsbie, Director Civil Effects Test Operations, AEC, Washington; Phillip W. Allen, U.S. Weather Bureau, Las Vegas, Nevada; Ken Nagler, Fallout Prediction Unit, U.S. Weather Bureau, Washington; Captain Spalding (my friends all call me Schnorer), the African Explorer; Jack Reed, Blast Prediction Unit, Sandia Laboratory, Albuquerque; Oliver R. Placak, Offsite Radsafe Officer, U.S. Public Health Service; Edward A. Saunders, Director OCDM Test Group, OCDM, Battle Creek, Mich.; Richard G. Elliott, Director Office of Test Information, AEC, Albuquerque.
H.G, Vermillion, Deputy Director, OTI (Office of Test Information);
Teter V.R. Horner and Bert D. Marks, employees of Holmes & Narver, Inc.; Dr. Alvin C. Graves; George Dennis, Assistant Director, OTI, in charge of the Mercury office; Dixon Stewart, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, Las Vegas office. Miss Marjorie Allen, Albuquerque AEC office; Elton Lord, Division of Information Service, AEC; James E. Reeves, AEC, Albuquerque office; Max E. Smith, Chief of the AEC's Las Vegas branch.
Technical Program Directors: Dr. William E. Ogle, LASL; Dr. H. B. Keller, UCRL; George P. Stobie, Sandia Corp.; Lieutenant Colonel J. W. Kodis, Field Command, AFSWP.
Colonel Paul R. Wignall, Commander of the 4950th Test Group, Nuclear, Air Force Special Weapons Center, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque.
John A. McCone, Chairman, AEC; Neil H. McElroy, Secretary of Defense.
9 x 11.5"
Catalog type Archive
Title Office of Test Information
Collection Elliott
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact