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Catalog Number 86.106.367
Object Name Scrapbook
Scope & Content This scrapbook has article clippings from various newspapers. The articles are about the signing of the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, anti satellite weapon testing, Russia and China creating atomic missiles, and the nuclear tests in the Pacific.
10/07/63 Nuclear Test Treaty Signed by President Kennedy
09/25/63 Nuclear Test Treaty Signed by 102 Nations
09/24/63 U.S. Keeps 1 Test Site for Use if Ban Fails
10/17/63 U.S. Orbits Watchdog Satellites
01/10/64 U.S. Underground Tests Called Worst Hazard
01/31/64 U.S. Silent On Johnston Rocket Test
01/31/64 Pentagon Confirms Rocket Test
02/02/64 U.S. Tests Nuclear Rockets In Pacific
02/05/64 Kauai Finally Gets Rocket Off Ground
01/30/64 Johnston Rocket Tests Hinted
02/20/64 Nuclear Power Increase In Space Urged by AEC
03/07/64 U.S. Says 395 Left Johnston
03/17/64 U.S. A-Test Releases New Fallout
03/23/64 Rocket Test At Kwajalein, Johnston, Kauai
03/24/64 Tahitians Unruffled by Atomic Center
04/02/64 Reds Hedge in Nuclear Arms Talks
08/08/64 AEC To Oust Householders for N-Test
04/21/64 U.S. Russia to Slash A-Output
04/14/64 U.S. Needs 100-Megaton Bomb for Arms Lead, LeMay Says
04/18/64 Nuclear Output Cutback of 45% Planned by U.S.
08/06/45 Atomic Bomb, World's Greatest, Hits Japs
05/22/64 New Anti Satellite Weapon Reportedly Tested Recently
06/16/64 Britain Plans A-Test
08/30/64 Sandia Schedules New Rocket Test at Hawaii Range
07/17/64 Nuclear Test Space Sentries Orbited by U.S.
03/09/64 U.S. to Run Simulated Atmospheric A-Test
09/09/64 Red China Will Definitely Have an A-Bomb
09/09/64 Nuclear Blast Set in Mississippi
11/06/64 Underground Nuclear Blast
09/09/64 Exercise to Study N-Test Readiness
09/29/64 Rusk Says Peking Will Hold N-Test
10/10/64 N-Bomb Exercises Set for Johnston Island
10/26/64 N-Armed Planes on Guam
10/23/64 Nuclear Blast Shakes Up Town In Mississippi
10/16/64 Pacific Project Triples Size of Nuclear Test Site
10/19/64 U.S. Believes Peking Preparing To Detonate Another N-Device
10/16/64 Red China Explodes 1st Atomic Bomb
10/19/64 Red China May Fire 2nd Nuclear Bomb
10/24/64 Radiation Fallout Increases Here
11/09/64 Peking Succeeded in Making A-Bomb Despite Poverty
11/26/64 Red China-- and its Nuclear Potential
12/16/64 The World's 3rd Nuclear Power - Red China
12/16/64 U.S. Awesome N-Power Disclosed
12/29/64 Nuclear Control Needed
01/29/65 U.S. Deploys New N-Bomb, Missiles
02/18/65 McNamara Warns of China Nuclear Threat
04/07/65 Navy to Test Nuclear Blast Effects on Missiles
05/02/65 U.S. Fears Nuclear Madness
06/17/65 Navy Test Top Secret N-Depth Bomb Off Isle
07/06/65 Hydrogen Blast Injures 10 at Research Plant
07/11/65 Can World Destroy Itself? Atomic Study Raises Question
07/13/65 More Nations Ready to Join Nuclear Club
08/29/65 Japan Planned to Use A-Bomb But Couldn't Build One In Time
09/27/65 A-Test Unit Is Assigned To Duty At Sandia Base
08/23/65 Former Naval Officer Dying of Radiation
10/07/65 U.S. considered A-bombing Nazis
11/03/65 H-Bomb Fallout Damage Appears in Test Victims
11/07/65 Marshall Islanders Showing Thyroid Damage--Result of '54 H-Bomb
11/17/65 Can We Limit Nuclear Weapons?
11/30/65 Red Chinese Nearing A Third Atomic Bomb

20 x 23.5"
Catalog type Archive
Title Newspaper Clippings on Atomic Testing Between 1963-1965
Collection Elliott
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact